13 February 2015: Friday


  • Issues from Wednesday night:
    • Student – one item match, mismatched surname:  Found, understand the issue (generational designator not included in one form) and merged them
    • Employee – foreign national student on work study.  Found and merged.
    • Employee – matches a former student with a different last name – before I merge and cause trouble, I am asking if the missing “r” was just, well, missed on the data form.  HR Data Entry confirms, the “r” was missed.  Doing the merge.
  • A departmental account was deleted by request of an owner and then the second owner screamed that it was not there.  Performed the recovery.


  • Retrieved a tape from the vault that CoM/IS needed and this morning they need another one.  Requesting the full list of what they need – running to the vault one tape at a time is a waste of everyone’s time.  Unfortunately, they do not know the full list because they did not think (or maybe know how) to check before they started.
  • Three clients deactivated.
  • Disk clones finished before 9am. The other clones finished earlier in the week.
  • Have a broken tape drive (1310274867, SN4’s st1) that needs to be replaced.
    • Bye Bye 1310274867 (50050763124A0080)
    • Hello 1310119662 (500507631245CE18)


  • The amount of space allocated to attachments filled up yesterday.  Mike extended it by another gigabyte.  Need to address that.  Have asked the largest consumer how much space they really need.  Need to analyze by year what they are using.  Hmmm.  That was not as hard as I thought.  Everything in there was last modified in the current fiscal year – which means I can’t determine age from the filesystem.
  • Upgrade to 11.6.04 completed successfully.
  • Attachments space increased to 50,000,000,000 bytes, and individual attachments are allowed to be 10,000,000 bytes.


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