14 January 2015: Wednesday


  • Four Issues:
    • One BCA: Found and merged.
    • Two Former Students: Added.
    • OSP with a different last name.  This one has been a long time in the process, the LDAP entry was renamed in the past.  Merged the OSP data with the Former Student entry and created the account.
  • An account rename failed because a directory path did not exist.  Fixed the “rename my brain” command so it ensures the directory for the files to be moved into exists ahead of time.


  • Uhm… some idiot forgot to get clones started this week.  I slapped him (OUCH!) and started them.
  • Hey!  There were no backup groups that had problems last night!  Woot!


  • Nagios config updated to use the check_snmp_securid_replication and check_snmp_cpu checks.
  • Warned Account Services that I will be rebuilding the two appliances from scratch on Friday in preparation for the actual roll-out on January 21.


  • Disabled Full Text Index searches because that might fix a couple of issues we are having with the 11.6 version.


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