9 January 2015: Friday


  • One new issue: SSN added to employee and now we see it is a duplication with an account that was purged in 2010.  Copied the important information out of the old entry into the new one and dropped the old entry.


  • CoM/IS groups continue to have VSS errors.  Not sure where to go with this.


  • Added a procmail block for another autoresponder address (which generated over 400 issues in a couple of hours this morning).


  • SNMP:
    • Traps are being sent out.  They are getting to the system where they belong (tcpdump -n udp dst port 162 — shows the traffic).  But snmptrapd is not seeing them???  I give up!  I have no idea.  Time to play with an snmpget instead of listening for a trap.
    • Need firewall rules change to allow the monitor system to talk to the snmp port on the appliances.   Blasted roadblocks.


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