6 January 2015: Tuesday


  • No issues in last night’s update.


  • CoM/IS clones finished, tape and disk clones continue.
  • EMC SR 67457948: EMC claims recover saying it failed is a cosmetic error and that I can live without the hotfix until it is actually available in a released state. I call bullshit – it is cosmetic in the sense that it is not a true failure.  It still causes customers to call the help desk because it said it failed!
  • EMC SR 66570742: EMC has not contacted me.  Updated the ticket again and threatened to escalate it tomorrow if they do not get back to me.
  • EMC SR 68335166: If Apache is upgraded, the NMC Server becomes unsupported.  Egad – ok.  I’ll let it run this way.


  • SNMP testing: Waiting for RSA to contact me.


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