23 December 2014: Tuesday


  • Two issues:
    • A Graduate Teaching Assistant (Student) but I cannot find a matching record from Banner.  Sent off the inquiry.  Bounced through the responses and finally got to a person with a good answer – so I merged the data into the existing LDAP entry, even though none of the information agrees.
    • A corrected typo in an SSN from HR brought a duplication to light.  I merged the two (one was a purged former student) and cleaned up.


  • Tape and Disk Clones completed. CoM/IS Clones should complete today.
  • Two CoM/IS clients failed with VSS errors.
  • One of the nameservers failed to backup.  The NetWorker client did not answer the call.  Someone installed os maintenance and the new NetWorker client but did not reboot the system, nor start the networker client daemon.  I started the daemon and re-ran the backup.
  • Got the VTL working on romulus again.  I keep forgetting to recompile the mhvtl kernel module when I put the new kernels on – it worked without needing that for so long.  /sigh
  • Qualstar RMA 49355 – the Tape drive is on a truck somewhere but the drive has not made it to UVM.


  • 620130: proper sequence and loading AM 6.1 database a second time — told the support tech to go away and close this case, s/he keeps telling me that I just need to generate a new csr and then import the old certificate to handle the ssl part of rebuilding the appliances.  I told him/her that ssl education was required before they spouted anything more stupid than they already had, to please close this case, that KB Article 17517 explains how to extract the ssl certificates and preserve them and not to expect a positive survey response.
  • 622673: Replica not replicating — Following 17517 to preserve the SSL certs and rebuilding the replica server.
    • First attempt failed to attach.  This is getting to be a royal pain.
    • Second attempt worked.
      • 8.1Sp1 applied,
      • extracted SSL certificate uploaded!


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