22 December 2014: Monday


  • Issues with the 12/19 update:
    • Four former students: Four dances – FS entries created.
    • One Student Employee – by name, birthday, address found it – but the SSN does not match.  Sent inquiry to the usual suspects.
      • They confirmed an SSN entry error (smudged form) and corrected.
  • “I can’t add courses to so-and-so” … uhm… I did my thing last Friday morning, so it is something in Banner or the Registrar’s office.


  • SCD A on Drive 10 – 1310292963 – 50:05:07:63:12:4D:05:3A (sn4 /dev/st0).
    • Waiting for the drive to free up so I can take an itdt dump for Qualstar to analyze.
    • Took itdt dump – emailed to Qualstar for analysis.
    • Qualstar says it is questionable – but we’ll replace it anyway.
  • Backup Maintenance Day.
    • CoM/IS has a time sensitive recovery needed – maintenance rushed to completion


  • The replication issue is because I put 8.1SP1 on the replica first.  Scheduled 2pm webex to fix.
    • Not able to fix.  Have to rebuild the replica.


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