19 December 2014: Friday


  • Two BCA’s that were not automatically found.  One of them was foretold to me yesterday by a phone call from the person worried because they were refusing to give their national id number. The other is unique enough that they were also found.  Both were merged.


  • Clones did finish up yesterday for the week.
  • That blasted CoM/IS group failed again.
  • EMC notifies me that has been released (11 days ago!).


  • With replication between the primary and secondary broken, and no “shutdown” command available from the web console – I told the replica to reboot and tested the agent that is configured to talk to the replica while the reboot was happening.  the agent successfully authenticated against the primary – so, I know that in the event of a replication failure, we should turn off the replica (or at least disable its network).
  • Log messages issue conversation – that’s normal, what are you fretting about??? Ok, ok – I’ll learn AM 8.1 eventually.
  • Replication problem – did webex with support
    • openssl s_client -connect :7002 – verified both can see the other
    • from SC looked at software versions.  primary is correct (both are at 8.1sp1) replica thinks the primary is still on 8.1p06 – so it appears that the replication was broken by installing 8.1sp1 on the replica before the primary.
    • Support is going to do more research into that angle and get back to me.


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