18 December 2014: Thursday


  • A Former Student issue…  dancing while tired is dangerous.


  • Disk clones are almost finished – if everything works today, it should finish…
  • That same CoM/IS group failed last night.  Sent email to make certain someone is aware that I have noticed.  Neither of us is aware of what is really the problem.


  • testing on the sslvpn ASA.  It works!
  • testing on idp1 – it fails… oh  replication is not working and idp1 has been assigned to the replica so, yeah, not gonna work!  622673 opened.  Support Tech asked for dumps and is gone for the rest of the day… dumps provided.  Will examine issue in the morning.
  • Strange messages in the primary log about SecurID_Native domain… 622617 opened to see what that is about.
  • snmptrap handling:
    • List::MoreUtils and Config::IniFiles installed via CPAN.


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