17 December 2014: Wednesday


  • A possible duplication (modifying WRONG entry) error:
    • Found it and merged the two entries.


  • One CoM/IS group failed.
  • Disk clones continue to run – all other clones are done.


  • Scott wants API to determine if a person has a SecurID token or not.
    • There is no such API – asking if a daily report of all users would work.
  • Continuing to work the RSA open issues.
    • No response about the license file being invalid.
      • Some admin (who shall not be named, but stares back at me from the mirror frequently) failed to extract the .xml file from the .zip file which is what needs to be uploaded.  I swear that I uploaded the .zip file when I first deployed this thing.  Oh, I did – but it was the “quick start” process which is different!  Doh!  Dumb system administrator!
    • No response about the SSL certificate.
    • No response about the encryption type of the backup.
    • Opened new issue about Safari 8.0.2 and repeated authentications problem.
      • They gave me a password so I don’t need to use the passcode – and it works now.


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