15 December 2014: Monday


  • No issues over the weekend.


  • A node failure caused lots of CoM/IS backups to fail Friday night.  Sadly, I didn’t get back to email after early Saturday morning, so I did not see the request to restart the backups.
  • Tape dancing – at least move them out of the library into the firesafe (time is critical).  One hundred eighty-three tapes moved into the fire safe for eventual transport over to the vaults.


  • RSA confirms that I am not going to be able to perform a second 6.1 db installation – at least not easily.
  • Need to research how to create a new user…  Password is required – but what is it used for?  RSA – can you tell me what I forgot to read??? — Nope – password is used for Security and Self-Service consoles only.  We don’t let John Q. Public use those.
  • Requested Production License – but it says I already upgraded it and I should download it, but what I downloaded doesn’t work.  Ugh.


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