24 November 2014: Monday


  • Issues: None over the weekend!


  • Disk and CoM/IS clones started.
  • MED23 D group failed (I think) caused by the network mess this morning.  /sigh  That is two weekends in a row – first I killed it for the maintenance day, then it ran all weekend and it died after 2+ days.  I give up.  The existing full will remain for an additional month…
  • One full from the weekend continues to run.  I really need to break that up and put pieces of it on separate weekends.
  • SR66904082 (inactivity timer issue) – more data sent to EMC.
  • SR66570742 (AFTD percentage capacity) – tried (again) with the force networker to recalculate the space used on an AFTD and it (again) failed to make any difference.
  • Recover issue: SELINUX errors in recovers run from cpu server — oh boy.  Now, how do we get around this one???


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