29 September 2014: Monday


  • No Issues with the nightly updates over the weekend.


  • Email backups continue to run to tape.  There was tape drive contention that delayed the start of the backups by almost 12 hours. I believe it will actually completely within the 48 hour window, even though it is going to tape.
  • CoM/IS maintenance caused a few issues – have a few more failed save groups than I would like and need to hear from the administrators what if anything they want done.
  • Data Domain space usage – still no clues about WHY the deduplication/compression ratio changed so dramatically.
  • Met with PeopleSoft folks about backups.  The problem with the long retention values of the save sets on PeopleSoft Tape pool seems to be a bug in nsrstage (I know… EMC doesn’t have bugs) command, which is used in my staging scripts to keep the disk pools safe and does not appear to manifest itself anywhere else.
    • Theory:  manual save using -y, followed by nsrclone using -y with different value, followed by nsrstage of original save set and the clretent gets updated to be the ssretent value.
    • I have reproduced it.  Sadly, I see that NetWorker 8.2 extends this lovely little action to savegrp generated save sets and not just manual ones!
    • I have found a fix – stage one save set at a time and specify the retention value (-y argument) as the current clretent value.
    • Posted the problem to the networker mailinglist – see if anyone else has a solution.
  • Attached tape drive to stornode5 – in hopes of getting a time later this week to reconfigure the Qualstar tape library to take back the tape drive from the VEEAM test and have it on stornode5 (for email to tape backups).



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