25 September 2014: Thursday


  • No issues in the nightly update.


  • The Data Domain ran out of space.  Backups are halted.
    • Indexes media pool disabled – all groups removed (list kept) so indexes will be written to the same pool the backup goes to.
    • I hope the above change will work with the bootstrap, or I’m in serious trouble.
    • Cleared up the backups prior to July 19 – didn’t get enough space.  We’re in deep trouble.
  • SR 65904996 – EMC insisting that something unexpected has happened and that we really need to check that the S:\ drive has not become “critical” and therefore, the directive is being ignored by design.  Sounds like a bug to me.  But, I’ll play along for a while…
    • Got the nsrget.zip file… will work on it with Geoff between 2 and 3.
  • Replaced the two broken tape drives.  Through some judicious juggling and putting one drive into service mode, I was able to do it with only the library robot getting the bogus alert about not being present.  I can live with that for the next month.


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