24 September 2014: Wednesday


  • No issues in the nightly update.


  • CoM/IS clone is almost done (at 7am)
  • Another tape drive (sn10 : nst0; 3:16:D3/9311058613) has a code A.   Dumped the drive and sent the dump off to Qualstar for analysis.
  • EMC has responded to SR 65904996 – asking if this is the first time this has happened and wanting the nsrdb directory and the daemon.raw from the time period.  Obviously, they have not read the original problem description and I’m dealing with another person who is acting upon management orders and not bothering to take the time to do proper support.  I have responded with the files requested and again pointed them at the original SR # 64273236, perhaps they will read it this time.  They also called (which I specifically told them not to) and want to do a WebEx.  A WebEx?  For an intermittent problem on a production system?  I think not.
    • EMC continues to push – the now want an nsrget process run on the winfiles1 client.  Because something that was installed there (ha ha ha) is causing the server side directive to be ignored… Say what??!??!?!?!?!?!?!!!   Since when can a NetWorker server side directive be ignored in a savegrp being run by the NetWorker server process (nsrd)???


  • BMC responded on issue 329914, with directions of how to find the project/workspace number which will tell me which MySQL tables to remove.
    • Worked for most of the tables.  Asked about the one that MySQL will not drop because it does not exist, yet continues to display as existing when asked to show tables like MASTER26%.  Uhm… paradox?
    • They didn’t mention it, but removing the project entry from MRprojects and the projXX file from MRusers_projects directory is required to make them completely go away.
  • Hmm, how do I delete address books?  Apparently, I just drop the ABMASTER… tables – and remove them from the ABlist.txt file.


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