23 September 2014: Tuesday


  • No issues last night.


  • Seven (7) clients claim to be “not properly defined”, resetting their aliases fixes that (again).
  • Clones of Disk and Tape completed overnight.  CoM/IS clone continues.
  • Data Domain space is still critical.  I hope the lawyers give us an answer today.
  • Tape Drive (sn3/nst1/sn: 1310279925) SCD A: dump and email sent to Qualstar.
    • Qualstar issued RMA 49177 to replace the tape drive.
  • Installed NetWorker 8.2 on the test systems.
    • Oh joy.  8.2 still has the “scanning in persistent name mode throws spurious error messages”
      • I cannot find ANY way short of deleting the tape library and scanning for a new one, to get around this problem.
  • EMC continues to distress me with their inability to respond to an opened SR in any kind of reasonable time period.


  • Followed the instructions for deleting a workspace – which stated that I’d be told where the workspace issue data was stored and how to delete it prior to the deletion being done.  It was not.  Opened issue 329914 with BMC to
    • Find out how to determine which MySQL tables are associated with the project I removed now that it is gone.
    • Request that either the documentation or the code be fixed.


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