19 September 2014: Friday


  • Issues
    • That possible duplication is confirmed.  Merged them.  Notified the folks in PeopleSoft land.
    • Student Employee: Found the student entry, merged.


  • Clones completed yesterday.
  • Data Domain (after being cleaned up) came up with 1.3TB free space.
  • Maintenance work planned for Monday (and printed).


  • Assisted with the deployment of the new sslvpn system.


  • OS updates on workstation.


  • Issue 327325: Internal Server Error
    • WooHoo!  We finally got a hit with the CARP debugging turned on.  Now to see what BMC wants to do (or see, in addition to the screen capture).
  • End User support – Roger is out today, and I got tagged.
    • Once again – they’re are going in through the customer entrance and expecting to be able to behave like an agent.  Education!
    • Another issue was someone got tagged as “Customer: Read/Submit” and was trying to edit (which they were not allowed to do).


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