16 September 2014: Tuesday


  • Issues:
    • There were eight (8) “LDAP_ALREADY_EXISTS” errors in the monthly purge yesterday (which started at 10am and finished at 5pm) attempting to add sendmail bounce LDAP entries.
    • The AD update paused for human examination because 25% of the DN’s were being deleted (which was the 10,653 users [from the monthly purge] plus just over 5,000 groups).
    • One Former Student in the update for the night:  added the entry.
  • “Purge BCA” update finds 1,391 entries that should be done away with.   Sent the list off for further analysis by support staff.
  • Working on steps required for new portal authentication for former students.


  • Yesterday’s draconian measures got us back to 1,318 GiB of free space, and almost half of that is gone again this morning with the nightly incremental.  Running a clean (not having deleted anything extra, as there is nothing left to be deleted) to find the additional duplications for compacting.
  • Performing analysis of what has been backed up and is it a growing problem that will not clear itself or a temporary bubble that will?


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