28 August 2014: Thursday


  • Issues last night:
    • Former Student – did the dance.
    • BCA – Found and merged.
    • Singleton with wrong last name – found enough that the code doesn’t look at to be comfortable doing the merge.
    • Graduate Student Employee – found the graduate student record from Banner and merged.
  • LDAP -> AD failed last night.  The extract from AD was not delivered to be updated.
    • Process re-ran between 8:20 and 9:10 this morning.


  • CoM/IS and Disk clones continue to run.  CoM/IS has 8TB to go, Disk  12TB.
  • Looking at a client performance working through the testing to see where it needs to be tweaked.


  • Added a disk to the production system to hold the database backups to stop the nightly warnings about file system space.


  • Getting the 8.1 documentation.
  • Working to figure out how big a project this migration from 6.1 to 8.1 is going to be.


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