27 August 2014: Wednesday


  • Issues feeding into Active Directory last night.  The Domain Controller that we usually apply the updates to was not responding.  Needed to adjust the control file to give the updates to one of the surviving controllers.
  • Two issues in the update:
    • A former student – did the dance.
    • A student employee who’s last name does not match their student record.  Sent a question off to HR to see if they need to change or if I need to talk with the Registrar’s office about getting their student record changed, or if it is two completely different people who happen to share several pieces of information that are not normally shared.
  • Dealing with a claim that some person has two accounts – not certain of if the claim is right or wrong.  HR has proven to me that they have the correct info in the system (as correct as the person was in filling out the paperwork).  Therefore, it appears that we either have two people, or a single person who has reported two different id numbers to us.


  • Clones were started yesterday afternoon.  The Tape clones finished overnight (having just half a terabyte to clone).  Disk and CoM/IS clones are still running with 21 TB and 16 TB total to be done, respectively.
  • Increased pelican cpu count to 3, I hope that is enough.  It might need more than 2GB of memory too – but it won’t let me go past 3GB.
  • Researching the new “probe based” group type – how does that compare to a savepnpc based group?  — it is basically, a savepnpc that keeps running the probe (savepnpc pre-script) until it is successful [and there is no post-script], within the defined window.


  • Doing Maestro cycling for DBAs – and gathering logs/files for IBM.


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