26 August 2014: Tuesday


  • One former student in last night’s update.  The dance was done.
  • Working on network services feed.  Have sent them their first sample of the new format.


  • Qualstar issued RMA 49117 for drive SN 1310286459 – the one that seems to have the serial interface that intermittently disconnects.  I expect the new drive to arrive today, and am delaying the start of the cloning process until after I replace the drive as that tends to cause issues.
    • Multiple issues today… a drive that was in use is now reported as missing as is the robot – until the next time I cycle NetWorker.  I really could use that issue being fixed by EMC.
  • Discussing the possibility of a savepnpc process to keep an Incremental group from running if the Full group has not yet completed.


  • Assisted with the SSLVPN 6am update by flipping the “Node Secret has been sent” bit.

Other Stuff:

  • Figured out the semi-daemon magic for the user_trickle script.


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