22 August 2014: Friday


  • No issues last night!  Hallelujah!


  • The stornode5 is penguin-backup is stornode5 and neither is configured correctly reared its ugly head yesterday and continues today.  It was working perfectly for two weeks and then I had to go and restart the backup server and it changed something – which should not happen, but I’ve learned to expect and accept that NetWorker does the unexpected and seldom works as expected.
    • So… the easiest and quickest and gets the recovermail and recoverinbox commands working again… is to shoot stornode5 and rename that system penguin-backup (as a storage node).
    • Kent found instructions for doing split access routing in Linux.  It is working… YAY…
  • Looking at savepnpc to keep the Incremental and the Full saves from stepping on each other on the fileserver systems.


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