21 August 2014: Thursday


  • Issues:
    • Former Student – dance done.
    • New “BCA” – no match found – asking the Registrar’s office for the EmplID of this employee.
      • Got the emplid, found the record.  Discovered that I was searching in the where’s this student manner and that’s not right for a BCA.  DOH!  merged.
    • The “BCA” from yesterday turns out to be a typo on the part of HR, and it is the right record.  Merged.


  • Disk clones completed – that makes them all.
  • Tape Drive at 40006 appears to have failed its serial interface – it is not talking to the XLS, which thinks someone has removed it.  Seems for a few cents more, they could have put a sensor in there to determine that a drive housing was installed but it was not talking.  Disabled the drive in NetWorker so it will stop trying to put a tape into it – and requested a replacement from Qualstar.
    • reseat of drive happened at just the wrong moment and the library lost track of where a tape went.  Had to put it in physical and open a door, then let it inventory and put it back in logical mode to fix the problem.
  • email backups are a mess – thanks to stornode5’s alias problems earlier in the week!


  • Got patches installed on 7914 and jbod connected… now to make it purr again…


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