18 August 2014: Monday


  • Issues:
    • Grrr – PeopleSoft again with the entry with no SSN later gets an SSN that matches an existing record and causes me to have to merge things.  Merged the records, disabled the duplicate account.
    • Three Student/Graduate Fellowships without SSNs.  Found them all and merged them in.


  • Disk failure on storage node 10 – except the Nagios check failed to alert.  Well, the Nagios (nrpe actually) check script was flawed.  Repaired, updated on the rest of the NetWorker systems so this won’t happen again…
    • Stole a disk out of veeam-bs0 (powered off, not in use) to get storage node 10 protected again, and reported the failed disk to our maintenance company – should have a new one on Tuesday.
  • Disk clones from last week still running – sigh – aborted them.
  • storage node 1 (stornode1) has been removed as a storage node.  Left the machine up, just in case.


  • Update to add new VPN end point.


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