15 August 2014: Friday


  • Registrar rolled semester forward from 201406 to 201409 yesterday.  Caused 18,515 updates (all good!)
  • Issues:
    • Multiple Barcodes: Notified CatCard office they were delivering a duplicate entry to LDAP.
    • Singleton Match with different last name:  OSP had notified me yesterday that this was going to happen.  Fixed.
  • Meeting with the CatCard office about their feed, how it works, and changes that can be made.
  • LDAP Account purge ran – 14 ERRORS – trying to add bounce rules for accounts that already had them.
  • LDAP Management password updated.


  • New email storage node is running with a higher load than expected, but not anything that is terrible – adjusting the monitoring points so it will stop doing the “WARNING” reports that cause others to become agitated.
  • Clones: CoM/IS clones should finish up today (4TB in process/19GB left), Disk clones probably not (30TB left).
  • Sharding update for the email backups (changed directive of safety net client from “Penguin backup directives” to “Penguin directives” and disabled the shard client to move back to not using shards at all)
  • Parallel stream choices adjusted for file server backups that will do full saves this weekend.
  • defined clients for two new file servers that will be grown in the coming week(s).
  • Putting plan (checklist) together for Monday’s work.


  • Attempting to grok what Ben was trying to do in user_trickle with the $SIG{INT} definition – since system is used to call the move user process, there is really no way to get a sigint to the parent process while the child is off doing its thing…


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