11 August 2014: Monday


  • PeopleSoft added an SSN for an employee that now matches a student.  Merged the two and locked up the now defunct employee entry so the purge process will get it gone in three months.


  • email snapshot script seems to have broken again.  Two of the snapshots failed to mount on the system that is doing the backups.  Re-ran the mounting to force it to go, and restarted the backup.
    • Ah – then found that the entire snapshot process last night had failed because one of the saves was still running on /gfs63 because of the failure to page Saturday night when the snapshot process had failed and the code refuses to page on Saturday nights.
  • Taking the full tapes from Mann to Vaults (bringing back some empties to take their place): 355 went to the vaults, 256 came back.


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