8 August 2014: Friday


  • Yet another first time former student.  Yes, you know the drill as well as I do by now.
  • Reviewed the trace.log from the TWS debugging yesterday.  Found one possible thing that was causing it to fail – suggested a change.  Not sure that will be sufficient to make it work (still not clear – due to the inability of the expert IBM provided to actually understand a question – of what access level the application will require to the ldap servers).


  • The email backups are running, and they are performing an incremental, like they are supposed to be doing.  Damn, that was a convoluted way to get this to work.  What did I actually do that made it work?  Let me tell you:
    • pathownerignore was set up on stornode5.  Touch the file pathownerignore in the same directory that the NetWorker save binary lives (/usr/sbin in this case) and NetWorker will stop failing backups that it thinks are not owned by the system.  So, this prevents NetWorker from saving the indexes for the penguin-backup backups under the stornode5 client name.
    • Set up /etc/hosts or DNS so that the NetWorker server (ozzie in this case) finds that the IP address of penguin-backup just happens to be the one that stornode5 uses.
    • Add stornode5 to the remote access list for the penguin-backup client.
    • Put the penguin-backup client into the save groups that you want it in.
    • The end result of those four steps above are that the saves will run on stornode5 and they will have -c and -m parameters that specify the penguin-backup name.  The email about the save group(s) will say that the files will be saved as being on stornode5, but checking the actual indexes (in NMC: Media -> Indexes -> penguin-backup) you will see that they really are being filed under the penguin-backup name (and that their paths are not even in the stornode5 indexes).  Victory (until version 8.2 or something else changes).
  • Clones: CoM/IS and Tapes have finished.  Disk starts the day with 36TB left to go.  No way that is going to finish before the weekend full saves start up.
  • New Fileserver backups:  Removed the PSS flag and reduced the Parallelism value on the clients that will be doing their full saves tonight.
  • Dealing with the email snapshot process.  I think I have it sorted out and have activated the cronjob (since I’m on call tonight) and will see if it works.  The problem was that the “/sbin/multipath -F” command was failing (intermittently, of course).


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