6 August 2014: Wednesday


  • We have issues!  Dealt with their thorny hides!
  • Doh!  Stupid ACL blunder removes functionality that was promised.  Now to repair that.


  • WTF!!!!  Things that should be incremental backups are performing full saves!
    • Stupid programming choice – the number of parallel streams for the save set changed so NetWorker (as per documentation) escalated the incremental backup to a full.
    • So… never ever ever ever ever ever ever use Parallel Save Streams!  Changing either the number of streams for a client or the number of save sets will result in a full backup when you are not expecting it to.
  • SR 64026734:  Collecting the new information EMC has requested to help them debug why this is happening.  Two executions of the dvdetect command.  Also informed by EMC that escalation NW161624 has been raised to deal with this problem (which means, they agree this is a real bug).
  • Ubuntu client with fails to start.  glibc munmap_chunk invalid pointer.  Tried upgrading it to – not fixed.  Off to EMC… Live Chat – SR 64935414.  Oh.  The system upgraded glibc, but only part way did it – because the application was manually installed and the entire system is broken.


  • Purge all projects of a certain former agent.


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