August 4, 2014: Monday


  • Clean slate


  • The new file server backup groups continue to have issues.  Really not sure what is going on here.
    • Is it too much at once (shouldn’t be)?  We have other groups that start up large quantities of clients concurrently.
      • Changed the four incremental groups to start at 10, 15, 20, 25 past instead of all starting at 15 past.
    • Is it the client version?  Version was known to be a rotten lemon.
      • Looks like the client will be pushed onto them tonight.
  • Clones started for the week – hopefully, they’ll be mostly done before I do the tape movement on Thursday.
  • Forcibly relabeling those onsite tapes that NetWorker has not gotten to yet and should have relabeled a month ago (this, I believe, is an indication that there are too many tapes in that onsite pool).
  • SR 64026734: Update with requested information from test server (and a new nsrget pull from that server).
  • Building that new storage node to make the email backups scream.


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