1 August 2014: Friday


  • Dealing with issues from Tuesday night on…
    • OSP – former student, new name… verifying.
      • Confirmed.  Merged, and account created.
    • Two former students… created.
    • Employee issues:
      • Duplicate employee – wrong SSN entered – verifying.
        • Confirmed.  Tossed it aside (will get a removal failure later).
      • Two Student Employees – found and updated.
      • Mangled SSN – I think it was entered incorrectly – verifying.
        • Confirmed and merged with the student.
      • One botched SSN discovered, now cleared up duplicate account.
  • Updated a VPN group per footprints request from Business Process folks.


  • Removing Veeam
    • Waiting on a new evaluation license so I can do the work safely.
    • Obtained – but I still had to manually remove the vcenter bits.  Doh!
  • Why are the new file servers failing to back up?
    • Ah – things were changed and they had another rolling outage round yesterday while I was out.
    • Backups for failed systems manually started back up this morning (from the start).
  • Updated the nagios checks so if the filesystems fill up over the weekend, only email will be sent, no pages will go out.  That means that I’ll need to be more hands on this weekend, as much as I can be since I’ll be traveling both days.


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