16 June 2014: Monday


  • No issues in the updates for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  WooHoo!
  • However, the June 15th running of the account purge process tripped over an issue in the account removal process.   Upon investigation, it was discovered that the account’s zoo home directory did not exist.  I finished the removal process manually.
  • Update to the way the feed from LDAP into Active Directory works.
  • Help with a duplicate account consolidation.
  • Help with a problem setting a temp password on an account with a future expiration date.


  • All of the weekend backups completed, except the long running CoM/IS one which will never complete in time.
  • Started the tape and disk clones.
  • Announced the backup maintenance for next Monday (June 23).
  • relabel the accumulation of should have expired tapes.


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