22 May 2014: Thursday


  • No errors in last night’s LDAP update.
  • LDAP/OD work.
  • new schema file started on the road to installation.


  • All clones are finished.  All log files saved for posterity.
  • All save groups ran without failing.  email backups running normally at 60/24 as of 6:30.
  • Checked on open SR – the hot fix has not been accepted by the reporting customer yet and I have a working bypass for the RPC version problem, so I’m not pushing being a guinea pig and testing the fix for them.


  • Sneaking in some more work on getting it working on RHEL6.
    • Crud.  I have MySQL issues from the restore I did yesterday.
    • Ah – mysql_upgrade (with some extra directory/file creations) saved the day.
    • Bother.  It still isn’t working.  Well… it will still be here when I get back from vacation.


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