19 May 2014: Monday


  • With the SIS down for upgrade all weekend long, there were no updates from there and no issues in the LDAP updates.  With the graduation yesterday, there will be a very large boatload of changes that hit tonight which would normally have hit over the weekend with all the graduated becoming alumni.


  • Today is the monthly maintenance day.  Changes include a minor upgrade to (from and replacement of the air filters in the tape library (as well as the usual Red Hat OS maintenance… whatever our local delaying tactics have let slip through).
    • Tried to wait for the email incremental backup to complete, but gave up and killed it at 1 pm.
    • Work completed just before 3 pm.
    • Clones started.
  • Checking NMC this morning, I find that the Big Windows fileserver has ignored its directive again and was backing up one of the disks it is supposed to be skipping.  (begin snark) It is so frustrating to have to deal with this level of programming errors.  The kind that you have no way to reproduce and the vendor will just bust your day wide open requesting every log known to exist since the beginning of time to prove that you did something wrong because they have no idea how such a glaring mistake could have slipped through their testing process. (end snark) Therefore, I dealt with it.  I stopped the group.  Confirmed the issue with other NetWorker administrators and that it was finally resolved in
  • Something has gone haywire with the geology data as well.  That system is at a 40 load.  I killed that save group (an incremental) as well.
  • recovermail and recoverinbox issues due to the changes to the email systems last week.


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