16 May 2014: Friday


  • Two issues.  A Manual Merge required and a non-authoritative Banner entry.
    • Manual Merge of two existing LDAP entries is a Former Student (who is just now getting their SSN correct) and an OSP.  As Former Students have nothing besides their LDAP entry… we merge that one into the other one (fewer changes).
    • A non-authoritative Banner entry is a person claiming to be a “Banner Course Assignment” or in SIS terms somehow related to dealing with a course – so a faculty, TA, or other person with course access, but NOT a student taking the course.  So, they need to be an employee first.  Found the employee and merged this new role/affiliation into their LDAP entry.
  • Security updates to lock things down a little bit better than they have been.


  • One of the two systems that had read-only filesystem errors yesterday has refused to talk to us.  That suggests to me that for some reason the NetWorker client did not start when it was rebooted.  Let’s see…
    • NetWorker is installed.
    • NetWorker is not running.
    • chkconfig says it is set up to start.
    • Aha!  It fails to start due to the bug with /nsr/run files.
      • rm -rf /nsr/run; service networker start
  • One of the CoM/IS clients had a complete refusal to talk with us.  Have to reach out and see what’s up.  Email sent to their support team to find out what’s up with that system.
  • Ongoing discussions about what version of one of the VMware contenders.
  • Having switched the NFS file servers back to D2D backups, I updated the cloning scripts to do the same.


  • One more attempt at that RHEL5 to RHEL6 upgrade for the test version.  Yeah, cleaned up MySQL issues, but no real progress made.


  • Lots of access.conf updates.


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