15 May 2014: Thursday


  • One former student.  Did the dance.
  • The new employee that got entered into Peoplesoft with a mis-spelled surname has been corrected.


  • There was a storage event of unknown origin at about 1:30am which caused two VMware guests to go wonky with read-only filesystems (and their backups failed).  I tried to be helpful and rebooted one of them.  However, it has a corrupted root filesystem and requires a manual fsck.  Of course, I do not know the root password, so I’m stuck.  The second one, as I do not know the root password to it either, I just notified the team.
  • CoM/IS clones completed at 2:54pm.
  • VMware Backup solutions:  Yet another meeting.  Plus a recommendation given.
  • Dead cleaning tape removed from I/O slots and tossed in the dustbin.


  • Remove that extraneous account we discovered yesterday.


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