14 May 2014: Wednesday


  • Two former students in last night’s feed – danced them into existence.
  • Still waiting on HR (they’re very busy right now) to confirm/deny the issue I asked them about yesterday.


  • one of the silk servers apparently crashed and networker client refused to start because of that stupid 8.1.0 bug with /nsr/run files.  I wiped /nsr/run and got networker client started, then re-ran the backup.
  • Tape clones finished at 6:42 am.  CoM/IS clones (having started a day later) are still running.
  • SR62269034 – Ugh.  GFS not really supported in all its glory, just as a filesystem for a single system – not as a filesystem accessed from multiple systems.  Ok, let’s look at this a different way…


  • Better security answer from a different person at BMC.


  • Collecting the evidence, generating the screen shots.


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