13 May 2014: Tuesday


  • Red Alert!  Single Item Match with non-matching surname!
    • Informed HR and asking for confirmation of the probable match.


  • CoM/IS group continues to chug along with the large backup from the weekend.  It finally finished at 7:37am today – and CoM/IS clones were started.
  • One of their backup the backups groups failed due to paths being missing.  Checking on that one.
  • Disk Clones finished at 3:40 am.
  • Updated both open SR’s with EMC (62269034 and 62682162).
    • 62269034: the tech still doesn’t get it – is now trying to tell me that RHEL5 is not supported with Networker 8.1.  Ran the nsrget he requested on both penguin5 and penguin8.  I hope he eventually understands.
    • 62682162: I am getting frustrated that I keep getting told that NW149687 is fixed in NW 8.1 – but I can’t find that documented in any of EMC’s public facing documentation.  On the bright side, there were no reports of RPC mismatches yesterday after I disabled the dynamic MMDs on the storage nodes.
  • Another roadblock in the VMware backup project.  Drat… deliver when you say you will folks!


  • BMC responds with a reasonable answer to the database security question.


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