12 May 2014: Monday


  • Weekend Issues: Two former students and a Manual Merge:
    • Did the former student dance, twice.
    • Called in the experts on this 6 year old student entry that is NOW realizing the SSN is wrong.  Turns out the 6 year old student was an admit that rejected us in 2009, and is now back as a Graduate student.  So, while the SSN has been wrong for six years, they are really a brand new student.  Dealt with it in the normal way (merged with the two LDAP entries together and locked up the defunct one).


  • One user failed on /fsa5 (asking if they were by any chance moved to a different system over the weekend).
  • A file server hung and was rebooted just as the two fileystems on it were almost done backing up this morning.  Doh!
  • VMware backups – waiting on more pricing.
  • Per Request from EMC: SR 62682162 – I have disabled dynamic nsrmmd’s for stornode2, stornode3, and stornode4.  I hope this will stop the RPC mismatch error messages from nsrstage.
  • Disk and Tape clones started.  Need to wait for the final piece of CoM/IS backups to complete before starting that bunch.
  • Moved NFS file servers from disk clone config to tape clone config (to match that they are now backing up directly to tape – to save disk space).
  • SR 62269034 – long phone conversation with Lionel.  From that conversation, my take away is that active-active cluster clients are really not supported by NetWorker.  I need to review the Cluster Integration Guide again, and reach out to my fellow administrators.
    • In the hopes of short-circuiting this whole issue, I changed the backup command from blank (which defaults to save) to specify the cluster name as the -c argument value.  Tomorrow will tell me if that is right, wrong, or completely irrelevant.


  • Stupid answer back from support… need to test it myself and prove them wrong.
  • Renewal quote received – waiting to hear about other modules possible.


  • Meeting 1 of ?


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