31 March 2014: Monday


  • No issues over the weekend.
  • Working on that blasted posixGroup conversion to AUXILIARY.  And that idea is scrapped in favor of multiple LDAP entries for each department – one using groupOfNames for everything other than nss_ldap and one using posixGroup for nss_ldap authorization on systems.


  • Moved eighty tapes from the library to the fire safe in preparation for taking them to the vaults.
  • Yet another long running CoM/IS save group is found.  It has been running for 2 days and 8 hours (as of 7:30am) and has backed up about 4,590,000 bytes so far (what Networker reports as 4,590 GB).
  • The Windows Fileserver Safetynet group is acting strange as well.  Nobody changed anything.  Networker just decided today was a good day to ignore the directive that has always been there. is worse than buggy, it is actively trying to destroy the universe.
  • Started clones.  CoM/IS group has not completed – but it doesn’t get cloned anyway, so the no problem.  The fact that all of their tape drives will be consumed is a bit of a problem.  However, as long as they don’t have to do any recovers – they’ll be fine.


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