28 March 2014: Friday


  • Another former student.  Dance done.
  • And the RETIREEs list is updated for tonight’s LDAP machinations.
  • Experimenting with converting posixGroup objectClass to be AUXILIARY instead of STRUCTURAL.  This is NOT going to be as easy as everyone thought.


  • There were some strange failures.  Guess I better see what was going on last night (read emails).
    • Email INBOX save group a complete failure: Email says that the email snapshot failed.  There was no notification that anyone actually fixed it.  That may be why the email inbox save group failed.  I’ll have to check. Team members admit to fixing the snapshot problem after midnight.  I’ve restarted the save group.  It should finish by 8pm tonight.
    • A windows system failed last night, but worked this morning – temp fail?
  • New client defined for EAS group.
  • Figured out why the CoM/IS group is backing up so much this week – it failed to do its level 1 (differential) last week.  But is that really the reason?  Or did they change the way they are doing things and it is just hopelessly messed up forever more?  Next week will answer that (assuming the level 1 works tonight).


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