27 March 2014: Thursday


  • Two issues.  A former student, and a singleton match with wrong last name.
    • Former student: we danced.
    • Singleton: Found the conflicting entry, and emailed osp.  They confirmed with the victim the necessary information.  Account created.
  • Created a new posixGroup membership maintenance script…
  • Support people who claim to know a netid and report one that doesn’t exist as having a problem are … problems.
  • Cleaned up a seven year old alias grabbing LDAP entry so someone else could have that alias.


  • Clones – yeah, that CoM/IS full is still going.  no new clones…
  • I’m not ready to say that the experiment has been a complete success yet – but the email backups have not run long (too late for the snapshot to work) since I moved the INBOX volume to a different storage node and pushed the traffic through a real 10GbE interface.


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