26 March 2014: Wednesday


  • There was a problem applying the updates to AD last night.  The account was found to be compromised and was disabled after the LDIF had been generated from AD, but before the update was applied.  So, the update attempted to deactivate the account as well – and that failed.  There is never going to be a fix for this, there is always going to be a timing window unless both sides are pulled at exactly the same time (and we’re just not ready to do that).  Perhaps, in the future utopia when all updates are universally executed and there is no batch process at all this will be fixed. (bwahahaha)


  • Two clients (in different save groups) died to the /nsr/run problem.  Cleaned up /nsr/run, got Networker started, and re-ran both backups.
  • One windows client had a single save set fail.  Checked with nmap and it appeared that all was ok.  re-ran the save group for that client and it worked this time.  Gamma Rays.
  • Updated the staging configuration to allow the full save ZFS filesystems to have an additional 5TB of usage before we start staging them off.  See how close to the 50TB quota we can get them and still have them not blow up.  The balancing act is between the ZFS slowness of performance on those compressed filesystems as they approach 100% of their quota and the time it takes to move data off them to tape (especially with 3TB save sets!)
  • Clones:
    • Disk:  Completed at 10:29 pm last night.
    • Tape: started @ 6:43am and finished @ 10:34am.
  • Restarted the 45 day countdown on the test server.
  • CoM/IS full backup from the weekend continues to run run run. (sigh)
  • Shred – is not quite finished (on 4th pass) on each of the second (of three) LUNs.  Is the speed due to the new layout (raid0 vs raid5) or the different OS?


  • Other duties as assigned territory… yep… we went there today!


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