25 March 2014: Tuesday


  • No issues with the update.  There are over 250,000 entries that are actively prevented from using the VPN now.
  • More fun with ex-employee LDAP records.


  • The client that was balking yesterday continues to be slow, but at least the special full I set up is running.
  • Clones:
    • Disk:
      • Total: 134 SSIDS; 10,733.628 GB
      • Completed: 47; 3,333.498
      • Running: 1; 3,108.888
      • Remaining: 86; 4,291.242
  • CoM/IS full save continues to run after not recovering from the CoM/IS scheduled maintenance until Sunday afternoon, when the backups were finally started (and actually able to run).
  • A lot of tapes that should have recycled themselves quite a while ago – and they have nothing left on them that is still relevant.  Manually forcing sixty-seven (67) of the seventy-seven (77) present to recycle.
  • Talking about VMware guest backups – VEEAM vs VBA/VBR/VDP (EMC’s acronym of the day).  Sizing POCs of each.
  • Experimenting with “stenc” from http://sourceforge.net/projects/stenc – looks like our LTO4 drives don’t support encryption.  Attempts to run stenc with “-e on” always wind up with a “Sense Code: Illegal Request (0x05)” error. 🙁


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