24 March 2014: Monday


  • No Issues from the three weekend updates.
  • Rolled out the VPN management changes in the Nightly Update scripts.


  • Loads of issues from the CoM/IS maintenance on Saturday.  Several systems wound up with non-functional or missing installs of the NetWorker client.  At this point, I think we have tracked them all down and finally got the weekend full restarted yesterday afternoon.  Also had to re-run two of the incremental backups that failed this morning.
  • Shred: The four pass shred of the first third of each of the Nexsan’s finished at 4:30 am this morning (it was started Friday night).  I queued up the shred commands for the each of the other four devices (each LUN is one of the three rows of disk in the Nexsan in a RAID0 stripe and there are no hot-spare disks in either Nexsan).  I expect this will finish and I will be able to do whatever Mike wants done with the disks next week.  The only access to this system is via the RSA card as it is completely disconnected from all other wires.
  • Discovered that the incremental for the NFS file servers that was enabled over the weekend was doing a second full of the /fsac filesystem (started 15 minutes after the official full).  I killed it, and re-ran the incremental group to pick up the changes in the filesystems.
  • Clones:
    • Disk: Started @ 1:26pm
  • Something is wrong with one of the older clients – it just stopped being talkative.  Drat, and it was in the middle of a full backup too.


  • Rebooted the secondary server late in the evening.



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