21 March 2014: Friday


  • Singleton match with wrong last name from OSP.   email time.  OSP folks confirm the former name and the time frame of when she was a student.  Updated the LDAP entry and created the account.


  • Tweaked the Mann Hall web page to include the href for the storage.
  • Clones:
    • CoM/IS:
      • Remaining: 28 SSIDS; 3,248.280 GB
      • In Flight: 11; 0.487
      • Completed at 6:42 pm
    • Disk:
      • Remaining: 45 SSIDS; 45.784 GB
      • In Flight: 6; 43.282
      • Completed at 7:29 am
    • Tape:
      • Completed on Wednesday
  • hobo-dev failed to backup, AGAIN…
    • Created an init script to blast /nsr/run out of existence.  That should stop Ben from messing up my morning routine any more with whatever it is he’s doing on hobo-dev.
  • Phase 2 of the conversion of the nfsX servers from splitting up the filesystems and doing the full for each server on a specific weekend to doing a slice of each server on all four weekends of the month done.  Discovered that a new filesystem had been created since January that I was not aware of.  I have it starting to back up now – but any data that people put there (and there is 3T of it already) before now is not recoverable.  I hope the problem is that I missed the memo, not that the memo was not sent.
    • Oops.  The problem was not that I missed the memo.
  • Moved the INBOX backup volume from stornode1 to stornode9.  If that works well, I’ll move the folders backup volume as well.
  • Reconfiguring the SATABeasts to each be 3 Raid-0 volumes (1 shelf each) with no hot spares.  Hoping that the shred process will be “faster”…
  • Collectd configuration updated to remove bujbod1, stornode5, stornode7 and stornode8; add stornode3 and stornode4; update stornode1 and stornode9 for their new interfaces.


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