18 March 2014: Tuesday


  • One issue.  A former student.  Dancing done.


  • CoM/IS full from the weekend completed at 9:02 pm last night.
  • Email backups getting first incremental since last week (the snap from Friday night took until yesterday morning to complete the full save) – ouch.  Letting it run to completion.
  • New Storage node (stornode9 replacement) – started installation.  Stumbled right out of the gate.  The IMM’s mouse control doesn’t work with the built in web configuration tool of the raid card, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to use the CLI version – that is just as clunky as the megacli command (in fact, it probably is the megacli command embedded in the bios of the raid card).  So, another walk to Mann Hall to be physically present to beat the thing into shape.  I’m confused about why DataTrend didn’t set up the raid1 like they have on all the other 7914’s we’ve purchased from them.
    • Turns out the clunky web config interface through the IMM had configured the raid1, I just wasn’t able to see that it had done so… /sigh
    • Got it installed and the 10GbE cables run, configured, and the OS updated.


  • Updated the web server config to make the security scanner a little more happy.


  • Download, read, think…


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