27 February 2014 – Thursday

Not going to forget what day it is today…


  • Had a few issues in last night’s update.
    • One person – two accounts.  PeopleSoft and Banner disagree about the person’s SSN.  They get to fight it out.  PeopleSoft lost that battle.  Entries merged.
    • Former Student – dance done.
    • Banner Course Assignment without any matching employee entry.  This seems to be another SSN entering problem, because I think this is an existing lecturer and former student with an SSN that is almost identical.
  • LDAPRW upgrade to OpenLDAP 2.4.39 and nuke/repave of the ldbm backend was completed in 14 minutes.  Beat my own best guess by a minute.
  • Set up a new VPN group (well, assigned a new VPN group value to a set of LDAP entries)


  • Shred: 11 TiB/35TiB 31% (… will it be done with both passes before March 17?)


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