25 February 2014 – Tuesday


  • No errors in last night’s update.
  • Working on the VPN changes.  I think I finally have it.   Examining the victims (over 121K) to verify the code is not over zealous.  Looks good.  Reported results, asking permission to implement.  Answer is no – too many that need specific VPNs would be blocked.
  • doubled the size of the /home filesystem on the test server – to make it the same as the production server (tired of banging my head on that ceiling).
  • Added a user to a VPN group per request.
  • Announced ldaprw outage for 2/27@6:45am.
  • VPN blocks placed on Former Students container.
  • Pushed removal of VPN blocks update code into production, but the addition of VPN blocks is not ready to go yet due to a problem population.


  • shred: 8.2TiB/35TiB 23% of pass 1
  • clones:
    • Com/IS: 24/4,242.198GB working, 37/1,705.979GB left.
    • Tape started – that long running full save finally finished.


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