24 February 2014 – Monday


  • No errors in the nightly updates in the past three days.
  • Working on the posixGroup-memberuid validity audit.
  • Cleaned up a one person two LDAP entries issue.  Need to complete the clean up tomorrow by purging the abandoned entry (which was left for today to allow the portal to catch up).


  • Shred: 6.8TiB/35TiB 19% random data pass
  • Clones: Disk clones finished Saturday afternoon.
  • Clones: Started the CoM/IS and Disk clones (tape backups are still running).  Disk clones completed.
  • 28 of the tapes that were re-labeled on Saturday had issues.
    • These issues are normally a result of the way that the choices are made of what to label.  A series of tapes that contains a single save set exists.  The first tape in the series is re-labeled, which makes the saved information about the rest of the tapes in the series invalid.  Then the remaining tapes in the series get examined and they each fail because they no longer match the saved information.  The result is I need to go back and manually deal with them on a second pass.
    • The second pass cleaned up 25 of the 28.
    • As the first pass had made all of these “expired” and eligible to be recycled, checking on the final 3 confirms that Networker had relabeled them and started using them again.
  • Wrote a script to list out the tapes that should be (or will probably be) in the vaults in barcode order.  This will allow me to organize the contents of the vaults in barcode order.


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