21 February 2014 – Friday


  • No problems with last night’s update.
  • Meeting about VPN access for people in the grace period…
  • Development work on code to verify all memberuid’s are valid.  (First impression is that people have been creating posixGroup entries with memberuid values that are local to a system and do not have corresponding posixAccount ldap entries – which will severely complicate the process).
  • seg fault on porcupine: 2014-02-21T14:42:41.839138-05:00 porcupine kernel: slapd[17255]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f2ef8c8abdd sp 00007f2d9655f390 error 4 in back_mdb-2.4.so.2.9.1[7f2ef8c70000+45000]
    • restarted and continued to function…


  • Shred: (@ 6:45am) has done 2.8TiB/35TiB 8%. (@14:45) has done 3.3TiB/35TiB 9%.
  • Clones: CoM/IS: Finished.  Disk: 2/1,288.463 running, 64/8,574.240 left. (SSIDS/GB)
  • No groups had (failure) issues last night.  Email INBOX and Folders groups are both still running (as usual).
  • Received a warning from our Networker trusted vendor – that they are seeing windows clients that are failing (and not reporting it!) to backup their C:\ disk when the “Windows System Reserved Space Partition” is not assigned a drive letter.  This is so frustrating – what exactly does EMC do for QA before they release this crap on the world?
  • Updated the tape drive replacement procedure based on the way things worked in the last replacement.
  • Noticed that the Backup Environment Diagram was out of date (bluemoon-back1 is no longer a storage node) and updated/replaced same to properly reflect the current reality.
  • Working with Geoff, disabled the cdc02 and cdc03 client definitions in the Windows Disaster Recovery save group, as well as changing the cdc02 (in the regular Windows group) from a save set of “All” to “All-NTFS”.


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