18 February 2014 – Tuesday


  • No errors in the last four nights of updates.
  • Worked with Account Services to recover an account that was deleted by request and then the owner changed their mind.


  • Today is backup maintenance day.  When harriet was rebooted, the Networker client and NMC server failed to start up.  Doh!
  • That virus infected file is still present on winfiles1 and it is still hidden so that Networker is denied access and therefore the backup is being marked as a failure (in the email) while appearing to be successful everywhere else.  Sigh – more bugs to be worked out.
  • A Saturday power outage has caused two nights of problems with the Structured Biology backup clients.
  • SR 59521968:   EMC suggests upgrading to (which has been out for all of a week, and is the first GA version of 8.1SP1).  No thank you!  I’ll stay with for now.  Please tell me the NW# that fixes the RPC mismatch error. 


  • Reboot of the Telecom server for the up too many days problem.
  • Mail access log generation.


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